Our ‘Peace of Paradise’

Our setting is unique – a tranquil untouched piece of indigenous coastal forest with an abundance of bird life. A special place, right in the middle of the town, where small duikers are a frequent sight.

At The Waterberry Coffee Shop, excellence is a tradition. Our dedicated and passionate staff form the heart and soul of our establishment. Captured in a moment of celebration when we were honored with the title of “Best Waffle and Milkshake on the North Coast” in the prestigious North Coast Courier Best of Ballito Readers’ Choice Awards, this image embodies our commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences. With every waffle we serve and every milkshake we blend, we carry the spirit of this achievement, delivering joy and satisfaction to each cherished guest. Join us on this journey, where every bite and sip reflects our dedication to being the best.

After enjoying your meal with us, get back to nature and take a gentle stroll along our beautiful winding Waterberry forest path.

Embarking on our Journey

Once upon a berry beginning, nestled in the heart of Ballito, a captivating coffee shop found its place in the world.

In a time when the land lay untamed, an unused forest area belonging to the Municipality, our journey unfolded. With three and a half years of dedicated effort, we transformed the landscape – bidding farewell to invasive plants, rubble, abandoned mattresses, and even curious fridges!

The forest shed its cloak of alien vegetation, revealing a stunning canvas of beauty. Nature’s residents returned: birds graced the branches, lime green tree frogs emerged, and the duikers flourished. Amidst this enchanting setting, Gramps envisioned a haven of tranquility – a place to kick off shoes and embrace a sense of welcome.

Thus, The Waterberry took root, and in May 2003, we opened our doors. A wooden structure, built with love by Peter’s family, perched on the pond’s edge. The forest, reinvigorated, provided the perfect backdrop for our vision. As we nervously navigated our first season, we never anticipated the popularity our dream would attain. The months unfurled in a flurry of bustling activity, at times overwhelming, yet profoundly rewarding.

Then, as the first December season came to a close, the universe intervened. A windless, cloudy January evening saw the mighty Waterberry tree gracefully descend, its branches embracing our deck and coffee shop roof. Miraculously, none of our equipment suffered harm. This serendipitous event nudged us toward a redesign we had been contemplating – a timely twist of fate.

Our story continues to be woven, a patchwork of resilience, nature’s marvel, and the community’s unwavering support. As we stand amidst the fragments of the fallen tree, we recognize that even in challenges, beauty and opportunity can arise.

A Berry, Berry Big Fire

Sadly on the 27 June 2013 the Waterberry which everyone loved burnt down. This was a very sad and emotional time for Peter and his family, not knowing if they were going to rebuild and start the dream again. This took a lot of time and thought, until one day, they were inspired to start the journey again.

The original Waterberry was a graceful “old lady” who served us very well for ten lovely years. In February 2014 the ground work for the New Waterberry began. We have built a much younger looking Waterberry, who sits proudly on the original site embracing the pond and forest, as she did before.

Then a Berry Little Blaze… Almost two full years later to that fateful day of 27 June 2013, we were once again woken to panicked phone calls “The Berry is burning!!!”

This can’t be… It’s crazy! What is going on? This is a joke!!! Confused thoughts raced through our heads as we stared into a smoke-filled and blackened building while the firemen dampened the smoldering mess.

Thankfully she burned just a little, and we were reminded once again that God is in control, giving us a little, yet not so gentle reminder to take nothing for granted.

Once again, as a very special family does, we pulled together and counted our blessings. We began again to clean out our “old gal” and renew her and put her back together with all the love and care we have as a very special, big and extended family.


We will bake again and share our passion for good, wholesome, home-cooked food and hospitality with all our visitors once more…

“Sadly it’s much easier to create a desert than a forest” ~James Lovelock